Doctor Who Gallifreyan Calendar Limited Edition

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Calendar Limited Edition

It’s pretty easy to get a calendar, but it’s not as much fun. You can have any variety of selection in calendars, but do you think you have one that works from 1600 through 9999 AD? Not even an operating system (unless it was designed for it) can keep a calendar up to several millennia. That’s what’s on display and for sale here – a Doctor Who Gallifreyan Calendar Limited Edition Poster.

It comes in 24×36 inches and was drawn by the artist known as Russell Walks. It also shows up in a poster tube to prevent the poster from being horribly creased while it’s being delivered to you. For a poster that’ll last millennia, that’s pretty important. It’s officially licensed merchandise, so you know that the people who work hard on what they draw and create will be rewarded from your purchase.

The poster also comes full of images, quotes and people from all walks of life within the Doctor Who Universe. That’s great since it would be boring if it was just numbers in a basic spreadsheet like some calendars look like. If you’re wondering what the main graphic on the calendar poster is, it’s a view of the night time sky at the South Pole on the night Doctor Who had premiered on television. It’s a random bit of trivia that not every Doctor Who fan knows, but you will.

Good for any date between 1600 and 9999 A.D. The poster also doubles as a Galactic Star Chart so when you’re done figuring out which day of the week or year it is in your life, you can also learn about different stars within the galaxy, which is great for astronomy fans.

As a whole, you’ll have some fun with this poster, and even if you don’t want to use it as a calendar, it makes for a cool, limited poster that won’t get boring to look at for any Doctor Who fan.

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The life of the 11th Doctor – Matt Smith

matt smith

For Doctor Who fans, the yearly Christmas special is usually a bittersweet time. Usually the writers come up with something special each year, but also, more often than not the Christmas special is the time we see one actor’s tenure as the Doctor come to an end and they use the Christmas special as a way to bring in the new incarnation of the Doctor. So, when Matt Smith announced he was done as The Doctor, and the BBC snuck glimpses of the new actor playing the Doctor, most fans assumed the Christmas Special was the end of Matt Smith’s time…and they were right. Following the 50-year anniversary special, we knew the Doctor was going through a change, so they used the Christmas special as a way to wrap up some of this incarnation’s lingering threads and retire Matt Smith’s version.

Matt Smith started as a controversial pick for the doctor. At 26 when he took on the role he was also the youngest actor playing the character, a concern expressed by Piers Wenger, head of BBC Wales, who none-the-less said that Matt Smith was “more than capable for the role.” After his premier in “The Eleventh Hour” the controversy heated up, as it always does, among Doctor Who fans. Matt Smith brought a sort of manic energy and running commentary, along with a few running gags regarding his headwear to the show that some audience members found endearing, but others found particularly grating. Moffit described Smith’s portrayal of the Doctor as “an old man in a young man’s body” and in many cases his portrayal showed a more intense need to run from his history involving Gallifrey’s destruction. Other sources praised his performance though, Martin Anderson of Shadowlocked described him as the best redesign of the Doctor since Tom Baker’s performance.

Matt Smith’s Doctor continued the growing tradition that David Tennent’s version started, he always had one companion close by, but he had a circle of friends and support as anchor for his adventures, opposed to the more solitary companions of earlier doctors. Amy Pond and Rory brought relationship chemistry to the show and allowed certain running jokes and plotlines not possible with earlier solitary companions. Amy Pond’s initial plot line, following the various cracks throughout the universe leading up to the Doctor’s first sacrifice to the Pandoricum brought Rory in and showed that the Doctor can have a companion that also has some kind of life outside of their relationship with the Doctor. That Rory and Amy’s relationship eventually resulted in River Song, their daughter, and the Doctor’s eventual wife, brought several plot threads full circle after Song’s introduction to Tennent’s 10th incarnation. Amy and Rory’s exit in “The Angels Take Manhattan” is a fan favorite, though the later released short video on Youtube that wraps up their story had a significant impact on fans of the companion couple.

(If you haven’t seen the Amy/Rory wrap up, this is it)
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In the subsequent break, the 11th Doctor attempts to go into seclusion, and even his friends are unable to re-engage him in the world. It takes the intervention of a character named Clara Oswold in “The Snowmen” before the Doctor re-engages, especially when he realizes he’s encountered Clara before. Much of the following series involves him trying to figure out the role the “impossible girl” takes in his life. This search reveals a different side of the Doctor, as he deceives Clara repeatedly, and we get to see Matt Smith’s frenetic character duck questions and avoid consequences as he tries to hide why he’s so interested in the Clara character. The “Trenzalore” story answers those questions, as Clara steps into the Doctor’s own timeline in order to rescue him from a creature named “The Great Intelligence” whom is determined to turn all of the Doctor’s successes into failures. This episode also reveals the face of a mysterious “War” Doctor, whom we learn is the incarnation that caused the destruction of Gallifrey.

At the end of the regular season the BBC announced two specials featuring Matt Smith, the 50h anniversary special, and the Christmas Special. Both storylines stayed under wraps until their release, despite the massive interest from the fan base. The 50th anniversary special featured Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt coming together as incarnations of the Doctor as the War Doctor tries to make the decision whether or not to detonate the weapon that destroys Gallifrey. In a rather convoluted plot twist, Matt Smith as the Doctor reveals he’s been working on a plan to save Gallifrey for his entire life, and in a special event, all previous incarnations of the Doctor, as well as one future incarnation come together in order to save Gallifrey. This act is the most major plotline shift for the Doctor, and redirects the story in a new way. It is somewhat fitting then that after this special episode Matt Smith exited his tenure as the Doctor, so he can make way for a new series, a new Doctor, and a new drive for this ever-changing character.

Doctor Who TARDIS Collectible Set with K-9 Figure

Doctor Who TARDIS Collectible Set with K-9 Figure

This is a great gift set for anyone who wants to either add to their collection or for them to re-enact some scenes from Doctor Who. It’s one of the most authentic TARDIS’s that you’ll come across, being made from thick cardboard in a classic 1970s style design and comes complete with an incredibly detailed interior featuring a Master Control Console, allowing you to take the helm of the famous time machine and step into the shoes of the Time Lord himself.

Measuring at a whopping 11 inches tall, this TARDIS is definitely not on the small side with its 5 ½“ width and 5 ½” length when closed. The door opens too to add to the authenticity and this cool set comes with the Doctor’s faithful friend, K-9 the cyberdog.

The inside of the TARDIS shows amazing attention to detail and will hold an authentic 8” Doctor Who figurine perfectly. It really is the perfect gift if you want to feel like you’re stepping into his shoes and travelling through space, saving innocents and defeating the evil that lurks amongst the stars. There’s a vast array of Doctor Who pieces to collect but this is definitely one of the more impressive ones – whoever worked on the design of this product should definitely receive a recommendation.

Recommended for ages 14 years and up, the walls of the TARDIS have a magnetic strip to ensure that the TARDIS is perfectly sealed, probably for the space time-travel to ensure the safe arrival of the Doctor and his companions.

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